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Don’t get suckered in!

First of all, a word to the wise: don’t get suckered into buying stuff you don’t need! We’re consumers, some of us more than others, we buy endless things that we think will make us happy. I know this because I’m worse than most. People will try and sell you anything, and its even easier when they can use a seemingly good motivation.

You have decided you want to live healthier – GREAT! This is a huge step in the right direction and you have lots of positive motivation to chase your goal. Don’t let companies exploit your enthusiasm, they’ll promise you all kinds of results if you’ll only buy their product.

I’ve attempted to keep it simple. I’ve avoided expensive monthly gym memberships and stuck with exercise I do regularly and maintain myself. So here is a collection of the products I use and have found to be good, each have their own pros and cons, but I’ve tried to be honest with you and hopefully provide some useful reviews.

Ampro Pro Speed Rope

Overview This is the second rope I’ve bought, following a much heavier leather rope I had before. I continue to use both ropes, but this is currently my favourite. I ordered this rope because I wanted something light and simple that just worked, and this rope performs well.
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RDX Leather Pro Skipping Rope

Overview I’m not sure there is the perfect rope, I use a couple of different ropes because they’re all different, and to be honest you can’t go too far wrong. This is the first rope I bought and has some quality features. The handles are wooden and shaped well
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Adidas training mat

For me, working out at home is a big part of my fitness, and for the most part I’ve got by with just using a standard, thin rubber yoga mat. For cardio training and standing yoga positions the basic mat has been just fine, and perfectly addequate, but where is really lets
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Yoga brick

Overview Introducing… the Yoga brick. This is so basic and straight-forward – it’s a no brainer. If you’re just starting out with Yoga, you’ll soon find out – all that stretching isn’t as easy as it first looks! This is where the yoga
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