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If I’m really honest most days I go to work feeling less than 90% and it’s not just me. People in the office are constantly picking up bugs and viruses, complaining about sore throats and headaches. This is could be partly down to working in an open plan office and any time we have to spend on public transport, but also because raised stress levels can cause your immune system to drop making you vulnerable to whatever’s going around. Hectic weeks, trying desperately to meet deadlines often leave us feeling completely wiped out…

and yet I walk up to my desk each day and am asked ‘how are you doin?’ And with a smile I create the illusion that everything’s ok – we make life look easy.

Why? because the truth is we all feel crappy sometimes. If we’re feeling rundown with stress or anxiety it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one. With everyone else pretending to be OK, you feel the odd one out, when in reality we all have our ‘off days’. One of the best things we can do is to choose to be positive. We can accept that we’re not feeling 100% and let that be OK, take it easy where you can and later that night do whatever helps you relax – listen to music, take a bath, maybe a glass of wine. Let your body and more importantly let your mind relax give your brain some time-off worrying. I’ve found this really helps and also aides sleep meaning I stand a much better chance of feeling better the next day.

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    Paul is committed to finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety to improve overall quality of life. He is a P90X graduate and continues to workout on a regular basis. He spends his time coding websites, watching movies and hanging out with his wife and friends.

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