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The Breathing Technique

Here’s a great little trick!

This is a breathing technique I picked up which is designed to quieten your body and heart-rate in the even of a panic attack. Best not to leave it too late, but as soon as you feel you make become panicked by a situation, start breathing using the technique and it will help you avoid the panic attack all together. I use this all the time and the best thing is not only is it effective but it’s discreet. 

Slow your breathing down, as you breath in count to 7. As you count visualise the numbers in your mind, then breath out and count to 11. That’s right you’re breathing out for longer than your breathing in. Try it now, whilst your nice and relaxed, as it can take a bit of practice. Obviously if you’re panicked at the time, or you’re out of breath don’t try holding you’re breath. Just slow your breathing and then begin the counting. It can sometimes take a few cycles before I can reduce my breathing rate to 7 and 11.

The counting and visualising the numbers is the trick! This uses a different part of your brain and distracts your mind from worrying about anything else. Normally within 3 cycles my body is relaxed and sometimes I’ll continue the breathing pattern throughout the event – such as riding the bus to help keep me distracted and relaxed.

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