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Reflect upon your success

Today is one of the days I feel really proud of my success. Not financial success, or even social success, but my own personal battle with anxiety. Today panic has no hold over me, and I’m actively living out things I could previously not think of facing.  

My anxiety once had me in a place where I couldn’t eat out in public, even a meal at a local pub filled me with fear.

Along the way there have been some real milestones of success for me. Weddings are always nervous events, especially if their your own, and yet my wedding went smoothly without a hitch (pun not intended). The honeymoon that followed involved traveling by train to Paris and of course lots of eating out in restaurants. This is were I really cracked the eating out thing! I was determined to not let my anxiety rob me of my honeymoon experience, so told myself from the beginning, there will be lots of eating out and it will all be fine! I think the fact that we practiced our French also helped, turning each meal out into a game, trying to decipher the menu and order our meals. This holiday even involved a trip up the Eiffel Tower, which I managed with no problems at all.

A year later we holidayed in Nice – Southern France. This held a new challenge – flying. The thought of being locked on a plane and it swoops and turns through the skies filled me with fear. I had one mild panic attack on the flight out and was fine on the flight home.

But today… today we’re celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, a nice romantic weekend in a spa hotel. Both breakfast and dinner served in a formal manner, and still no problems.

Because the anxiety response is so hard to completely get rid of, it’s important that we don’t dwell on the problem but take the time to reflect on our accomplishments and achievements over the years.

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