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Recreate yourself

I know it sounds cheesy and it’s easy to skim over this one and miss the point, so focus.

This is a really powerful technique I’ve developed to combat the anxiety of facing overwhelming situations. Whether it’s a big meeting or presentation at work, or simply being in a busy public place, this one mind-set really helps me.  

Think about who you are.

This might take a bit of time so lets break it down.

  • Who are you?
  • What is your identity?
  • What are you selling to everyone you meet?

If you’re at school or college, what is it that you’re studying? Better yet – What makes you passionate? Is it music? a particular band? or maybe you’re an artist and create awesome Anime art work? or sports… are you into skating? biking? snowboarding?

If you’re at work, what do you do for a job? or even – What do you want to be doing for a job?

Ok got it now? great, now think about how that kind of person behaves, how do they go through life? If that person lived your life for a day, how would they live it differently?

The key here is to get out of your head. The reason anxiety has become such an issue is there’s too much going on inside my mind, it’s worrying about it’s own internal thoughts and not looking at the world around me. For me, picturing someone my age, working in my area of work, I see them as strong, capable, independent and most of all confident in who they are and what they can do. It has helped me dramatically to believe that I am that person. To increase my confidence so that when I walk into that office, they’re lucky to have me working for them. I’m skilled, talented and am succeeding in life. Further more, I believe I am more than just anybody, I’m more than just my job role, I’m no longer living in the shadows, letting my mind be consumed with internal thoughts, I’m out there, involved in what’s going on and the best thing is – I’m loving it!

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    Paul is committed to finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety to improve overall quality of life. He is a P90X graduate and continues to workout on a regular basis. He spends his time coding websites, watching movies and hanging out with his wife and friends.

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