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Am I ill, or do I just think i’m sick?

Finding the true source of symptoms can be tricky.

For ages I was thought I physically was ill. The symptoms I was suffering : headaches, high temperature, aching muscles, loss of appetite and most of all feeling sick to the pit of my stomach, all had me convinced i must be ill, and somewhere deep in my sub-conscience it meant I didn’t have to face whatever particular challenge it was this time. 

The truth is, if I start to worry about something, it can make me feel ill. Even days before the actual event, the adrenaline levels are high, leaving my muscles stiff and achy, there’s plenty of nervous energy going round, so I don’t particularly feel like eating, and my stomach is sore from all the acid, and the Stress caused by the whole ordeal is giving me killer headaches.

Now… when I know something might cause me to be anxious, first of all i have to dismiss any thoughts of worry. Of course they’ll crop up in my mind, but I have to dis-miss them straight away, ’cause I know that if I entertain those thoughts, even for a minute of two, the anxiety will build.

Secondly any symptoms that do occur, again I can dis-miss them, you see I now understand what’s causing this symptom and there’s no fear that I may actually be ill. It’s the thinking that causes anxiety for me, the situation itself is quite manageable, but worrying about it for days, or weeks even, that’ll stress you out.

Of course sometimes ‘when you’re sick, you’re just sick’. I recently caught the swine-flu that’s been going around, and two days into the symptoms I was still sat at my desk, on a diet of paracetamol and coffee and barely consious. I finally gave in and admitted I’m ill and 5 days later I was back at work, rested and recovered.

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