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Fixing back pain with Tai Chi

I injured my lower back carrying a heavy rug on one shoulder from the department store to the where the car was parked, insistent that I didn’t need the home delivery service. For the next week i could hardly move and couldn’t bend over to reach my own feet. Seems I’d damaged the Sciatic nerve, which also caused pain down my left leg. After 3 months of being in pain and finding even every day movement difficult I was pretty desperate to try anything.

I started a simple Tai Chi for beginners video, which taught me about 12 very basic movements, one of which has saved my back, a beginners version of a Sun Salutation. This exercise is very simple, briefly:

  1. Stand normally with your arms by your side, then bring your hands in-front of your chest, palms together, in a prayer-like style.
  2. Raise your hands together above your head so your arms are straight, ever so slightly lean back just for a second.
  3. Swing your arms forward, keeping them straight all the way to the ground to go into a ‘touching your toes’ position.
  4. Arms back up above your head and briefly squat as if you’re sitting in a chair.
  5. Return to the original prayer position and repeat the movement twice more.

Doing this one exercise alone, ensures that my back remains pain free. Whenever I feel it tightening up, I do this routine and it stretches it back out again.

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