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Exercise is the ‘key’

Your body can only deal with so much stress. Each event in your day carries with it a level of stress, this slowly drops after the event, but if you live a busy lifestyle these events can add up. It’s often then that something fairly normal can take us over our limit and causes our body to panic. This could be eating out in a restaurant, riding the bus, or walking through a busy shopping centre. Situations we’re used to and normally pose no problem can now seem like they’re triggering panic attacks. 

This stress level doesn’t automatically reset each day either, you can wake up with the concerns of yesterday already peaking the levels of what you can cope with. How on earth are you supposed to face another day!?

Probably the best method I’ve found for breaking down this stress level is exercise. You don’t have to be a pro athlete, just find something that works for you that you can easily and regularly build into your lifestyle. Then whenever you feel the stress levels building, or you’ve had a busy day, allow yourself the time to exercise. This clears your head, burns off the nervous energy and helps you relax properly as your body is now tired and not just your mind.

For me a quick 10 min run does the trick, but swimming or cycling would work just as well. I find that aerobic exercise works better than lifting weights, but see what works for you.

Don’t leave it too late! Exercise is a great stress preventer and by building it into your weekly schedule can prevent stress from building at all. I don’t honestly make it out for a run every week, but if I can pre-empt that the weeks events are likely to be stressing me out then exercising at those times can leave me stress-free. Events such as job interviews, meetings or exams are prime examples of when I’ll need to make sure I’m exercising regularly.

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    Paul is committed to finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety to improve overall quality of life. He is a P90X graduate and continues to workout on a regular basis. He spends his time coding websites, watching movies and hanging out with his wife and friends.

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