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What’s good food for anxiety

I’ve found that diet plays a big part in managing stress and particularly when it leads to anxiety. In order to answer the question: What are good foods to eat for calming anxiety? We have to look at the opposite, as I’ve found the best way to quieten anxieties is to avoid eating certain foods. Please take this very lightly and don’t reconstruct your whole diet around my experiences, I generally eat whatever I want, but if some days I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious, I will avoid certain foods or drinks.

Caffeine, I cannot stress this enough! Cut the caffeine! We live in a fast paced world with high demands on us and our time, which leads many of us to fall into the routine of a daily caffeine fix to Kick us into action! Drinking caffeine excessively keeps us wired and does not let our bodies relax properly when they need to. If you’re a coffee junkie consider cutting down. Acidic food or drink can also unsettle your stomach. When you are anxious your stomach often already has a lot of acid in it, which can cause stomach aches and even make you feel like you can’t really eat anything.

If you’re really stressed and don’t feel like eating anything, here’s what I’ve found helps… Gaviscon is an excellent ant-acid tablet that I’d recommend trying. Similar to Rennies and other indigestion or heartburn tablets. They’re small chalky sweets that you can chew and swallow without water which counter-balance the excess acid in your stomach. This also relieves the stomach pain and often meant I felt like eating again within an hour or so. I’d also recommend Complan : which is a nutritional milk drink. I tend to drink these in the mornings if I can’t face eating any breakfast, it makes sure your body is still getting some nutrients and helps line your stomach until you next eat.

If you can eat something, I generally go for whatever I fancy! Things that are fairly plain work quite well like porridge, toast etc.. and during the day fruit or soup seems easy to eat if you don’t feel like you can eat very much. I once went for a whole week eating mostly bananas, because I’d started a new job and was so anxious whilst I was there, I felt I couldn’t eat anything else.

The important thing is to allow your body some down time too. So if like me it’s work related, then when you get home make sure you can really relax. Shutoff any worries of the day and wind-down into your evenings, take a warm bath and later try and eat a proper meal.

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