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Caffeine Addict?

Caffeine can be a big contributor to increased stress levels. Your body should be able to handle a normal level of stress, such as making big decisions or going to new places. The problems arise when these stress levels build. Once you’ve max’d out all you can cope with, even low-stress situations are enough to tip you over the edge. 

Caffeine has become part of our everyday life-style and going for a coffee is a regular social activity. Problem is if you drink caffeine on a regular basis it will increase your anxiety levels. I find especially after coffee I feel a certain buzz or boost which is great if your feeling a bit tired, but if I’m then faced with a stressful situation it can lead to a mild panic.

I’m not saying you should never have caffeine, but by cutting it out of your everyday routine you can seriously drop your stress levels, making panic and anxiety easier to deal with. I was drinking about 3 cups of coffee a day when I first heard about this and decided to cut it out completely for 3 months to eliminate the effects it was having in my life. Be warned, caffeine is addictive and if you suddenly remove it, you can feel certain withdrawal symptoms. The first 48hrs can feel pretty rough, headaches and tiredness can be expected. I was amazed to see what an effect it had on me, but after a few days I began to feel OK again. Drinking lots of water helped too and before long I felt my mind was a lot clearer than it had been before. Reducing the caffeine also allowed me to sort my thoughts and sleep easier.

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