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The cheapest way to buy protein

  So here’s the problem, protein is expensive we all want to find the cheapest available product without compromising on quality. If you go too cheap, you begin to doubt the quality of the ingredients, and yet no one wants to pay more than they have to. Find a brand
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Order protein now to beat the VAT increase

  Update: VAT has now been added to all protein drinks, however you can still save 10% off every pruchase, check out – The cheapest way to buy protein. Yes sadly it’s true, the HM revenues and customs have decided to add VAT to all sports nutrition drinks, which up to
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The quick and healthy breakfast drink

Breakfast… the most important meal of the day, and yet the one meal I give no real thought to and have no time for. For years I skipped breakfast, even with my 6mile morning bike ride, I’d just hungrily hold out till lunch. But now that I understand how important it
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How to make your own protein bars

Protein bars are great for mid-morning snack’s or breakfast on the go! Plus by getting an early dose of protein you’re going to help your muscles repair from your last work-out. I’ve been testing and adapting recipes that I’ve found online, and finally
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What’s good food for anxiety

I’ve found that diet plays a big part in managing stress and particularly when it leads to anxiety. In order to answer the question: What are good foods to eat for calming anxiety? We have to look at the opposite, as I’ve found the best way to quieten anxieties is to
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Caffeine Addict?

Caffeine can be a big contributor to increased stress levels. Your body should be able to handle a normal level of stress, such as making big decisions or going to new places. The problems arise when these stress levels build. Once you’ve max’d out all you can cope
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