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Reflective journaling exercise

This is the reflective journaling exercise taken for the podcast ‘Who are you and what are you doing here ?” If you haven’t heard the episode already, I’d recommend listening to that first. But in order to return and repeat the exercise, you can play it
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Busy city

Who are you and what are you doing here?

In this podcast we reflect on the daily questions of: "who am I and what am I doing here?" We look at why it's important the have answers to these questions and how we can begin to answer them.
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lady wearing a scarf

Podcast: Social threats and rewards

We look at challenging social situations and become mindful about how we react on an emotional and physical level. This helps us understand why we can get so angry by the things people say or do and how we can bring balance to our emotions and live happier.
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Injury-proof your workouts

Here’s 3 simple tips to avoid injury during your workouts. Warm up However eager you are to get working, it’s really important to warm up your body. I never see people warming up in the gym, they come out the changing room and instantly start lifting weights. Take the
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Exercise – it all begins here…

A healthy lifestyle is not only good for your body, but will benefit your mind and soul too. Because exercising regularly will help reduce stress and will release endorphins making you feel great. The simple act of taking some time every day, to do something physical and
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Introduction to findingSanctuary

Welcome to findingSanctuary, this video introduces you to what the findingSanctuary project is all about!
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Agility X training

Alternative cardio workouts

Whenever people feel that it’s time to introduce some regular exercise into their routine, there’s two types of training they tend to lean towards; cardio and resistance training. It’s important to make sure that your training programme matches your goals and
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The source of real power

The things money can’t buy I’m a self confessed consumer. I love gadgets, new technology and if left unchecked I live with a I’ve got to have it attitude. Thankfully I can identify this in my own life and so I work to consciously point myself in a new direction, because
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What can we learn from smokers?

This is a bit of a provocative title. I myself, am not a smoker and I am in no way suggesting that any of us start. But this last weekend I spent a few days with a close friend who smokes and something caught my attention, there was something there that inspired me. It wasn’t the
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Use meditation to reduce anxiety and panic attacks

I’d like to briefly explain how, using meditation, I have overcome panic attacks and general anxiety. Every task we face in our day, carries with it a certain level of stress, these things may not seem stressful in themselves, but everything we do requires some level of
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