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about me

the man behind the blog…

I’m a guy in my late twenties who has over the years had to find ways to manage stress and anxiety. At one stage of my life my anxiety levels were so high that I’d have unexplained panic attacks. Aside from the embarrassment this also began to restrict my lifestyle and the things I felt I could do.

And so began my journey, over ten years of battling with this anxiety and panic, desperately trying to regain my life. In the last year things finally began to change, and not because of my circumstances (which largely remained the same), but something in my thinking. Through a series of events and realisations I found my way out.

Today I continue on that path after overcoming my anxieties and panic, I now focus on learning new techniques that lead to better health and new levels of fitness. I’m always looking for ways to live better, brighter, stronger, and so my story continues.

My hope is that you may relate and be strengthened through what you read here on my blog and ultimately findSanctuary.

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