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September 11, 2009

The Breathing Technique

Here’s a great little trick! This is a breathing technique I picked up which is designed to quieten your body and heart-rate in the even of a panic attack. Best not to leave it too late, but as soon as you feel you make become panicked by a situation, start breathing using
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Exercise is the ‘key’

Your body can only deal with so much stress. Each event in your day carries with it a level of stress, this slowly drops after the event, but if you live a busy lifestyle these events can add up. It’s often then that something fairly normal can take us over our limit and
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Caffeine Addict?

Caffeine can be a big contributor to increased stress levels. Your body should be able to handle a normal level of stress, such as making big decisions or going to new places. The problems arise when these stress levels build. Once you’ve max’d out all you can cope
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